Review: Rau Chocolate Salted Caramel

On the surface, salted caramel is something that says indulgence and dessert, so a pairing with a chocolate beverage is appealing and intuitive. But, just like the other Rau flavors, the flavor is quite mellow.

Review: Thirty Natural Recovery

Thirty is a low-calorie beverage that is billed as a “health-focused recovery drink.” The product’s formulation includes electrolytes, which, according to the company are intended to be “nearly triple” the amount found in a standard sports drink.

Review: BAWLS Guarana Ginger

Founded in 1996, BAWLS Guarana has one of the longest tenures of any brand in the energy category. And it has more or less stayed its course rather than chasing the trends that the rest of the category has. As such, BAWLS new Ginger variety follows in the footsteps of its other products.

Review: Genius Gets a Reboot for 2017

Having originally started as a line of coconut-based juices before eventually morphing into a line of coconut smoothies, Genius is no stranger to innovating and evolving its product lineup and branding. But its latest retrench is the most drastic yet: Genius is no longer a coconut-based beverage.

Review: Vim Vitae Exotics

Vim Vitae, a Dallas, Texas-based producer of cold-pressed, high pressure processed, organic juices that was formerly known as Vim + Vigor, has launched this new product line, “Exotics,” which features unique flavor varieties, including Chia Sangria, Spicy Rita and Jicama High Five.

Review: Harmless Harvest Harmless Coconut Probiotics

Harmless Harvest’s “Harmless Coconut Probiotics” is a line of plant-based beverages that utilize both the coconut’s water and meat to create a unique and innovative product.

Review: Temple Turmeric Raw Vinegar Drinks

Temple Turmeric is a brand that has been about bleeding edge innovation since the company’s inception. Its latest effort, a line of raw vinegar drinks, continues with that trend as it attempts to pioneer what appear to be some first-of-their-kind formulations.

Review: Daily Greens Adds Green ADEs For the Masses

Overall, Green ADE is a nice addition to the Daily Greens lineup. It offers a modest price point, (mostly) familiar flavors, and a value proposition that should appeal to a wide audience of consumers seeking organic beverages.