Review: Iconic Comes of Age

Iconic is a line of low-sugar protein drinks that has been through a few revisions since it first launched a few years back. Its latest effort, which launched earlier this year, sticks with the PET bottle that came with the last revision, but it features an updated design.

Review: Naturewise Whole Body Vitality Drinks

Naturewise is a line of sparkling, zero-calorie “Whole Body Vitality Drinks” that feature a host of functional ingredients. All three of Naturewise's flavors are nice tasting, but they're fairly similar to that of to other similarly positioned products. And, we’ve said this in many other reviews...

Review: Gatorade Organic

The notion of Gatorade Organic brings mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s a totally logical extension that is, honestly, long overdue. But on the other hand...

Review: Shamrock Farms Takes a Dairy Approach to Cold Brew

As one might expect from a dairy producer, Shamrock Farms' new cold brew drinks are very heavy on the milk; the coffee flavor is secondary. That being said, the quality of the coffee -- and its benefits over coffee that is hot-brewed -- are much harder to discern.

Review: Glow’s Niche is Too Narrow

Glow is a two-SKU line of functional supplements designed to help promote hydration, energy, and recovery. The company offers “Hydration” and “Energy” varieties, both of which appear to have the same flavor. Regardless of variety name, their primary purpose appears to be to reduce the effects of a hangover.

Review: Black Medicine Moves to Cans

Normally, we applaud companies that choose to shift into a more proprietary or premium package, but, in the case of Black Medicine, moving to a 9.5 oz. slim can is great move.

Review: Cave Shake — Food or Beverage?

Cave Shake is a vegan meal replacement shake that uses coconut milk as its base ingredient. Calling itself a shake as well as a dessert (and using the term “ready-to-eat”), this product seems to straddle the lines between food and beverage.

Review: Califia Farms Black Label Cold Brew Coffee

Califia Black Label Cold Brew represents the first time that the company has released a ready-to-drink straight cold brew. It was really the only piece missing from having a truly complete line.

Review: Vit-Hit

Hailing from Ireland, Vit-Hit is a blend of water, juice, tea, and vitamins that is marketed as a low-calorie, naturally sweetened beverage. There is certainly no shortage of those, so why drink a Vit-Hit over the competition? That’s the piece that’s really missing for us.

Review: Aqua — Is it Water or Soda?

Aqua's reduced-calorie flavored sparkling waters are visually appealing and deliver a refreshing and full-bodied flavor experience. But is the brand being forced into a category where it doesn’t quite belong?

Review: Bossi, For Kids?

People have tried several times to market a ready-to-drink rooibos tea to children, and it has always failed to catch on. To us, there seems to be a big disconnect between the purchaser (the parent who might be in tune with this) and the end user (a child). Can Bossi, a line of USDA Organic rooibos drinks marketed for kids, succeed where others did not?

Review: Koia Takes Plant-Based Protein To New Levels

Koia is a plant-based protein drink brand that is launching in three flavors. Koia's key selling points are its protein content (16-19 g per bottle depending on the variety), low sugar content, and non-GMO vegan formulation. It also has some really sharp looking packaging.

Review: Mr Mak’s Ginbao

Mr. Mak’s Ginbao is this new company’s take on an Asian ginger bao (broth) that is delivered in ready-to-drink form. The product comes in three flavors, Original Dynasty, Dragonwell, and Queen Bee, each of which is packaged in an attractive looking 13.9 oz. glass bottle.