Review: Saratoga Juice Bar Cold-Pressed Shots

The cold-pressed/high pressure processed segment of the shot category is still a relatively young concept. This is both a good thing in that Saratoga will have less clutter to cut through, but it’s also adds a near term challenge in that the shelf space for this category isn’t as defined as it is for full size juices.

Review: Caveman Nitro Cold-Brew

Caveman Coffee is a third wave coffee company that was founded by health conscious competitive athletes. As the name implies, there’s a strong paleo diet and “biohacking” bent to the company and a big part of what they do comes from their supporting products, which include coconut MCT oil and cacao butter.

Review: Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf is a low calorie line of supplement drinks that were designed to help improve the drinker’s ability to focus.

Review: Solti Takes a New Approach to Cold-Pressed Juice

Solti Juice is a San Diego-based company that produces cold-pressed organic juice drinks that are aseptically processed with ultraviolet (UV) light filtration. The company claims that this delivers the best tasting and most nutrient-rich juice out there (aside from truly raw, of course).

Review: Cor De Coco Lattes Miss the Mark

Imported from Vietnam, Cor de Coco is a three-SKU line of coconut-based ready to drink cold brew coffee drinks. Right off the bat, one of the issues with Cor de Coco is that the company has failed to properly translate this product for the American market.

Review: Zupa Noma Chilled Ready-to-Sip Soups

Zupa Noma is a USDA Organic and high pressure processed (HPP) product (we won’t yet call it a beverage) that is looking to disrupt the soup category. To do this, the brand is taking a variety (six, to be exact) of soup formulations, putting them into bottles, and in essence marketing them as the savory counterpart to HPP juice.

Review: Secret Squirrel Grows Up with New Packaging and HPP

With over three years of business under its belt, Los Angeles-based Secret Squirrel is a relative veteran of the cold-brew coffee space. However, things always felt slightly incomplete, and as a result the company seemed to be unable to fully capitalize on the growth of the category. But now, with its latest revision, things seem like they are about to change.

Review: Cham Cold Brew Herbal Tea

Given the proliferation of cold-brew coffees out there, it’s no surprise that there are brands out there hoping that this will spill over into other categories. In the case of Cham, that category is tea.

Review: BluePrint’s New Tea-Infused Energy Drinks

As far as organic beverages go, these products are not short on on-trend ingredients. Each flavor uses a different base, including varieties with guayusa, yerba mate, and matcha (the only one that is actually derived from tea). They are accented with some slightly more bleeding edge ingredients,

Review: Bramo Ready to Drink Cold Brew

Bramo’s ready to drink cold brew is a step up from its original offering, which was a pouch-based cold brew coffee concentrate, but it still feels a bit behind the category. Let us explain.

Review: Shine H2O

Shine H2O is a self-described “wellness & performance” water that features a low-calorie formulation that is fortified with vitamin D along with magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B12.

Review: Mixwell Offers a Unique Approach to Premium Mixers

The company’s strategy appears to be very focused on being a product that goes behind the bar. While we have a hard time believing that zeroing in on that portion of the mixer segment is the right approach, what Mixwell has created is unique and enjoyable.

Review: Sanavi Flavored Sparkling Spring Waters

On the surface, the product line seems to be a hybrid of ideas that are currently on the market. Using spring water is one of its bannered points of differentiation, but this seems like something that’s less important than the product’s USDA Organic seal.