Review: Califia Farms Goes Organic with Homestyle Nut Milks

With multiple product launches already in 2017, Califia Farms is a company that has been on a seemingly never-ending cycle of innovation. One of those new offerings is the company’s first USDA Organic nut milks, which they’ve called “Homestyle.”

Review: Temple Turmeric’s Expanded Shot Lineup

Much to our excitement, Temple Turmeric recently announced that they were expanding the shot lineup to include three flavors: Turmeric Shot, Red Ginger Shot, and Fire Shot. Like all of Temple Turmeric’s products, these flavors are loaded with great stuff.

Review: Fogdog “Hydrodynamic” Cold Brew Tea & Coffee

Fogdog is Bay Area-based startup that is launching the industry’s first hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea. What is hydrodynamic cold brew and how is it any different from any other cold brew out there?

Review: Pressery Sparkling Drinking Vinegars

Like the rest of Pressery’s product offerings, these are USDA Organic certified and feature a straightforward list of ingredients. Each is made with water, cold-pressed juice (9-14 percent), coconut vinegar, and maple for sweetness.

Review: Lucky Jack Chocolate Blackout

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, new cold brew varieties need meaningful differentiation to stand out from the dozens coming to market. Lucky Jack is conscious of this need, too. Its latest effort, “Chocolate Blackout,” infuses cold-brew coffee with nitrogen and flavors it with cocoa.

Review: Vim Vitae Takes On a Summertime Classic

Dallas, Tex.-based Vim Vitae, which, earlier this year rebranded itself, has added a new line to its portfolio of high pressure processed cold-pressed juices: Limeades.

Review: Matcha LOVE Ice-Steeped Cold Brew Tea

In our opinion, one of the big reasons that cold brew tea hasn’t exactly found the same level of success as cold brew coffee is because it doesn’t yet have a noticeably different taste than its hot brewed counterpart. ITO EN, which is the Japanese company behind Matcha LOVE, is attempting to make an effort to change that.

Review: Alta Palla Organic Sparkling Waters

Alta Palla has chosen to attack this category with a 16 oz. can. The size puts it on part with products that are packaged in plastic bottles. It’s hard to say if a non-resealable package of this size is going to beat out a smaller and perhaps more appropriately portioned sized can, but it is something that gives the product a visual point of differentiation.

Review: Exceptional Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Rise Brewing Company

While there are a growing number of nitro offerings out there, this is, given the extra technical hurdle of working with nitro, still a point of differentiation for now. Fortunately though, what Rise has created is one of the best tasting nitro cold brews out there.

Review: Salad Power

SaladPower is a product that was created after the company’s founders went around New York City looking for juice only to find two common themes: high sugar and high price.

Review: Villager Goods Coconut Water

Launched by the founders of Saint Archer Brewing, Villager Goods is a company that aims to launch a suite of lifestyle products under the brand. From our perspective as folks who have seen countless coconut waters come and go, it seems daunting to turn something like coconut water -- even an organic one -- into something that’s going to spark the movement that the company is after.