Devil of a Lime

by Damn Right Cocktails

Official Brand Overview

Damn Right Cocktails will make waves in its industry for being the FIRST & ONLY USDA certified organic and 100% de Agave Tequila RTD. At 5% ABV and 110-130 calories, you're Damn Right they're delicious, but they're also better for you and a lot better for the planet. All of our ingredients are carefully selected: our lime juice is squeezed from Tahiti limes grown on the side of Mexico adjacent to the Caribbean and our strawberries are organically farmed in the good old US of A. Most importantly, our Certified organic 100% de Agave Tequila is sourced from the Partida family who are 4th generation Tequila makers in Amatitan that grow their own organic agaves right in their backyard. Our two flavors, Devil of a Lime, which is our twist on a health-forward margarita, and Son of a Basil, our skinny Strawberry margarita, are tough to put down. There is nothing like these tequila cocktails out on the market yet. We've created them to taste like they've been made fresh in Jalisco just minutes before. The taste of Damn Right Cocktails cannot be beat. We've been awarded two medallions from Blue Lifestyle, a James Beard Award Winning panelist for scoring 93 points (Lime Margarita) and 91 (Strawberry Basil) and on our drinks. The Founders, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick & Mark Lewis, created this brand for the consumer to know they're doing something right by enjoying a Damn Right cocktail. For a start, up to 5% of our profits will be donated to charities or programs focused on improving access to high-quality primary and secondary school education. As a company, we believe the first step toward reaching equality in America begins with education, which is why we've made this the focus of our brand's ethos. We've launched with RNDC in Texas on August 13th and will be launching in California any day now. Follow us on instagram for updates on our launch:

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