Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka

by Prestigious Distributors

Official Brand Overview

Nine times distilled from the finest French grain; You may enjoy Monte Carlo Vodka straight or use in cocktails & feel as Royalty. The superior qualities of Monte Carlo Vodka stem from the finest Ingredients and rigorous purification process used in its production, by taking full advantage of the know-how of the distillers of Charente, and the traditions of the Cognac region. It is therefore bottled at 40% Alcohol by Volume and 80 proof. Strictly made with the fermentation of the best cereals from the Champagne Belt. A Government Controlled distillation and unique filtration process using champagne rocks, give it that special prestigious and subtle unravelled aroma and extraordinary pleasant touch. Royale de Monte Carlo is an Extra premium, delicate, icy cool and superior smooth vodka with its unique taste and long lasting pleasure. Monte Carlo Vodka was voted as the World’s Most Prestigious Vodka. Created and produced by 5th generation master distiller, located in the heart of the world famous Cognac region of France.

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