Kitu Life

As one c-store retailer, responding to a survey from Wells Fargo Securities analysts in July, put it, “There is a new brand called Super Coffee that is capturing market share and in some of our stores outselling Starbucks and Dunkin’.” We can concur; since brothers Jim, Jake and Jordan DeCicco first presented at New Beverage Showdown 12 at BevNET Live Winter 2016, we’ve watched as Super Coffee’s parent company, Kitu Life, has grown from selling its protein-and-MCT oil-infused coffee out of a Philadelphia University dorm room to a becoming a nimble, innovative startup that is punching well above its weight against its big-name competitors in the ready-to-drink coffee category. Building off last year’s expansion into creamers, this year, Kitu Life solidified Super Coffee as a full-fledged function-forward platform brand working across a range of different use occasions, flavors and formats on its way towards passing $30 million in annual revenue, up from $5 million in 2018. Having secured exclusive trademark rights to “Super Coffee,” the company took an aggressive approach to innovations both big and small, with the launch of Super Cold Brew in 11 oz. single-serving and multiserve bottles balanced by the introduction of Super Espresso and Triple Shot Espresso in 6 oz. cans, along with the debut of Super Coffee in Keurig K-Cups next year. All the while, the brand kept driving growth through execution, adding heavyweight distributors (Big Geyser, Polar) and generating velocities in the Northeast that rivaled — or outpaced — the likes of Starbucks, La Colombe, Dunkin’ and others. While the DeCiccos may not have invented the concept of an extra-functional coffee, the brothers have helped put Super Coffee in optimal position to bring it further into the consciousness of mainstream consumers.

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