Vive Organic

Within the context of CPG, the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t create major paradigm shifts as much as it accelerated those already in motion. Case-in-point: cold-pressed juice shot maker Vive Organic, which before the pandemic had already been a growing leader in the category thanks to its doctor-crafted formulas packed with nutrients and vitamins.

But when COVID hit, the surging demand for immunity boosting products helped turn Vive’s shots from effective to essential in the eyes of its consumers. Having grown its footprint from natural retailers to over 8,000 stores nationwide, including in mainstream chains like Target, CVS and Safeway, as well as having introduced subscriptions to its direct-to-consumer platform, the company was well-positioned to meet that call. Vive’s strength was reflected in securing a $13 million series B funding round led by Monogram Capital in July. CEO Wyatt Taubman told Forbes he expects Vive’s current momentum will carry it towards its target of $40 million in net sales in the near-term, an indication that those existing trends should extend beyond the end of COVID.