Next comes MiSambora

I don’t know how we missed this until now, but for about two weeks Jon Bon Jovi — you know, that New Jersey-loving singer who is largely famous because his guitar player went out with Heather Locklear — has been involved in a trademark skirmish over a guy’s right to sell a coffee-based energy drink called “Mijovi.” According to JBJ’s lawyer, Mijovi infringes on the world-famous Bon Jovi trademark.

The drink’s maker, Marcos Carrington — also from New Jersey — has a different story.He claims he named the drink after his girlfriend: Jovita Saenz.

It’s a tough call, given the rock star’s close association with Jersey, but come on, the dude just cut a country album, and there isn’t anyone suing him over it. Chill, dude. You have bigger problems to worry about.