Bobby G puts his life on TV

Have you ever wanted a glimpse into the life of Bobby Genovese, founder of BG Capital Group — the company that owns Clearly Canadian?

Neither have we, but nobody consulted us before the Mojo network decided to make “Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist.”

The first episode, available online, shows Bobby G and his company at an annual meeting. Prepare for the excitement of power point presentations and stock footage. Okay, so there’s some rock climbing in there as well, but this show might as well be one giant press release for BG Capital Group.

There’s a section in the middle that might be of interest to beverage industry professionals. The team works on powdered beverages, and has a brief discussion about how to deal with flavor houses. The rest of the show, however, consists of Genovese and his followers patting him on the back.

Unless you like watching corporate promotional videos, you’d probably have a better time watching reruns of “CSI: Miami.”