28 BLACK: 28 BLACK Sugarfree

by Spa Springs Mineral Water Company Ltd.

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Functional: Energy Drink: Diet


8 oz can

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Review: 28 BLACK Sugarfree

Posted: Feb 16, 2010 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Feb 28, 2017 at 7:37 AM)
28 White is the sugar free variety of the brand. Instead, the drink is sweetened with a three sweetener blend of aspartame, ace-k, and sucralose, which results in a decent amount of sweetness and a mild amount of sweetener aftertaste. From a flavor perspective, this product tastes more like a berry flavored drink than something that deserves the tag “acai premium drink.” That’s at least partially the result of not using acai juice in the product (there is acai extract), but also the result of the sweeteners, which make the fruit flavor taste bitter rather than sweet (as it does in 28 black). Functionally, the product has B vitamins, Vitamin C, amino acids, 80mg of caffeine (we’re not sure why they list it as 32mg per 100ml), and coenzyme Q10. They don’t do a great job of explaining why a consumer should want this, instead, which leaves the chic looking packaging to sell the product. As far as the look goes, it certainly catches the eye, but it’s not clear what the brand name is on first glance due to the size of the text. Overall, decent taste and cool looking package, but it would benefit from a bit more substance in both branding and what’s inside the can.