Alice & the Magician Edible Fragrance

by Alice & the Magician LLC

Official Brand Overview

EDIBLE FRAGRANCE THAT ENHANCES AND TRANSFORMS COCKTAILS. THE SCIENCE OF AROMA. THE ART OF PERFUME. THE CRAFT OF THE COCKTAIL Alice and the Magician was started by a group of restaurant professionals with idea of capturing specific moments through the art of fragrance. The joy of freshly picked and muddled mint. The smell of zest as you slice into a grapefruit. The qualities that exist in the world when you get to experience the essence of an ingredient. As much as we try to capture them through cooking, distilling, drying, we sometimes miss that true aroma that we are trying to capture and left with an imitation. After years as Chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, and managers in restaurants in NYC, Vermont, Rhode Island, Georgia, Hawaii and abroad in Spain and Thailand we began to hone the way we capture aroma and now, by sourcing the highest quality ingredients, using modern techniques and technology, and the art of perfumery we are able to consistently recreate the "true to nature" aroma that we have been trying to achieve for all this time. All perfumes are hand blended in our studio located at 250 Main Street in beautiful Burlington, VT. When we aren't blending or researching new scents and ways to capture them, you can find us enjoying the outdoors here in Vermont, cooking and dining, and indulging our never ending desire for travel

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