American Juice Company: Ginger Gerswhin

by American Juice Company

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Juice: Juice Drink, Cocktails: Mixers


16oz Glass

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Review: Ginger Gerswhin

Posted: Feb 03, 2014 at 9:47 AM (Last Updated: Aug 24, 2015 at 2:20 PM)
The premise behind the American Juice Company is to sell natural juice-based cocktail mixers that are good enough to be served at high-end restaurants and bars, but also satisfy the home cocktail enthusiast. As such, the products are made with only a few ingredients and come packaged in a thoughtfully designed 16 oz. bottle. For this particular variety, which is 50 percent juice, the product includes ginger, water, oranges, lemons, sugar and salt as its list of ingredients, although the back of the label states that it also includes lemon verbena (which is not in the list of ingredients -- they should probably address this). As far as pasteurized juice products and juice-based cocktail mixers go, the company has definitely created some bold and enjoyable flavor with this formulation. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with the ginger, lemon, and orange flavor giving the product the right dose of sweet, spice, and citrus. The hint of salt at the finish is a nice touch and honestly one of the key reasons that this product will work better as a mixer than a straight juice would. On the visual end of things, we like the simple and clean look that the product has. The change to their logo (it used to look like a hand angrily gripping a pint of beer) is a smart move and something that the company has executed well. But there’s still an elephant in the room with the brand’s name. While the “American Juice Company” would be an intuitive, albeit somewhat generic sounding, name for a cold-pressed juice brand or a juice bar, we question its ability to stick as a cocktail mixer brand. Plus, we think it puts too much emphasis on the quality of the product’s juice content, which, compared with high pressure processed and other high-end juices, is definitely not the best that money can buy. Ultimately, we feel as though the product and the design are there, but the word “JUICE” should be replaced with something else that’s a better description of exactly what this brand is. Otherwise, we really wouldn’t change a thing about it, and it’s definitely a great choice when it comes to shelf-stable mixers.