by Aquation

Official Brand Overview

Brilliant Water. Brighter Smile. Aquation is pioneering a much-needed niche in the natural beverage industry; fluoride-free, xylitol-enhanced bottled water with documented benefits that prevent and possibly reverse oral health problems associated with sugary drinks and diets. Aquation’s Sweet Tree Xylitol™ is non-GMO and sustainably derived from American Birch trees with a 90% lower carbon footprint than corncob xylitol. The infusion of xylitol and electrolytes into ultra-purified spring water also creates a uniquely crisp and refreshing flavor profile. Recommended by leading dental professionals, like Dr. Chris Kammer, Aquation is positioned to reenergize the enhanced water category. Drinking Aquation is a great way for adults and children to enhance their healthy lifestyles.

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