Blue Ridge Bucha

by Blue Ridge Bucha

Official Brand Overview

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Ethan and Kate Zuckerman, Blue Ridge Bucha is a craft kombucha made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The current Blue Ridge team are still brewing with the same kombucha culture Ethan began working with over a decade ago and we use Certified Organic ingredients to create refreshing and delicious flavors. At the core of everything we do is our company's philosophy: big flavor, small footprint. Our flavors are carefully crafted with ingredients that appeal to a wide palate, making Blue Ridge Bucha a drinkable and healthful beverage. Our footprint is minimized by offering our kombucha on draft and by using refillable bottles, thereby eliminating bottle waste. Since 2010, Blue Ridge Bucha drinkers have saved over a million bottles! Blue Ridge Bucha believes in good health, sustainable business practices, and our ability to positively impact the world through the choices we make every day. Join us in making a difference one bottle at a time. We hope you'll appreciate our efforts to bring you the best-tasting and most earth-friendly kombucha around.

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