Official Brand Overview

Inspired by the crafting of champagne and fine spirits, a team of fine dining experts, including the world's foremost water sommelier Martin Riese, created Beverly Hills 9OH2O, "The World's First Sommelier-Crafted Water." Pristine spring water from the Northern California Mountains is crafted with a perfect balance of natural minerals, resulting in a 7.5 pH alkalinity and a silky smooth, incredibly crisp, exceptionally fresh taste profile. These extraordinarily unique characteristics make Beverly Hills 9OH2O the first ever water to perfectly pair with fine food, wine, and spirits. Beverly Hills 9OH2O was designed by world-class sommeliers expressly for fine dining, special events, bottle service, and exclusive gifting. It is made available in limited editions of 10,000 individually numbered diamond-like glass bottles. Every bottle is hand finished, triple-sealed, and expertly examined by white-gloved quality specialists. Only the absolutely perfect survive this supreme best-of-the-best challenge thus becoming certified with the precious Beverly Hills 9OH2O signature label. Beverly Hills 9OH2O is served exclusively in the finest restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet markets, and other select establishments worldwide.

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