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Blume Honey Water harnesses the power of honey in our hydrating, energizing artisanal waters using only 100% bee-friendly honey. #LiveInFullBlume At Blume Honey Water, we believe in the power of honey. Its quenching hydration and natural, spike-less energy. Its elegant sweetness that kisses every drop of our refreshing artisan waters. And all the other benefits that come from this rich, golden nectar and the beautiful bees that make it. In today’s world of overly sweetened, artificial beverages, natural alternatives are few and far between. We found the key in the rich, golden nectar that is pure honey: the sweetest way to savor life together. But we don’t stop there. We think honey adds far more to life than just flavor and function. It helps us flourish. That is the power of honey. That is the promise of Blume Honey Water. That is life in full Blume. How Blume Blossomed: When an athletic trainer sought out beverage veteran Michele Meloy Burchfield with the idea to combine honey with water as a natural hydration alternative she was instantly intrigued. Michele quickly took the concept to longtime friend Carla Frank, a globally recognized brand specialist, and before long, the two were deep in honey exploration. For two years, they studied honey, its benefits and the beautiful bees that make it. They were fascinated with creating a delicious, naturally elegant hydration solution that could create awareness around bee sustainability, and it was this joint vision, passion and raw desire that became what is now Blume Honey Water. About Blume’s Creators: Michele Meloy Burchfield, Co-Founder The beverage category is Michele’s playground. As a sales and marketing expert with 25+ years of experience, Michele knows the industry inside and out. She spent nearly 15 years at the Boston Beer Company where she helped build the Sam Adams brand before starting her own consulting business. Simply put, Michele never loses sight of what really matters for a beverage brand: the liquid inside the bottle. That’s why it’s no wonder she’s helped so many brewers and distillers successfully bring their brands to market. Today, Michele is one half of the force behind Blume Honey Water. She is also an avid cyclist, skier and tennis player and a green-thumbed outdoorswoman with the backyard gardens prove it. Carla Frank, Co-Founder: Carla lives for beautiful design and good food. It works out well too, because they happen to be her expertise. Carla was the Founding Design Director of the most successful magazine launch in history, O, The Oprah Magazine, and is also the award- winning Creative Director responsible for the repositioning of Cooking Light magazine into a successful lifestyle brand. She also redesigned and repositioned Glamour Italy magazine while she lived on-site in Milan. Authenticity and passion are in Carla’s blood, and she believes that the strongest brands ignite the emotions and imagination of their audiences. She also believes in the power of high quality food to open one’s heart and mind to provide a deep sense of personal and communal well-being. For more on what makes us Blume, visit

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