Genesis BOOST Superfuit Juices

by Genesis Today


Official Brand Overview

Thanks for your interest in Genesis BOOST Superfruit Juices. Genesis Today, Inc. the parent company of Genesis Boost is a trusted leader in the Natural and Health Products Industry. The BOOST juice line was developed by Dr. Lindsey Duncan, N.D., C.N. to bring to consumers a line of all natural juices powered by the Goodness of Superfruits and all the healthful benefits these fruits provide. We are excited to be bringing to market a unique blend of juice products powered by the world’s most powerful Superfruits! Genesis Today produces Super Premium all natural juices, powered with the goodness of Superfruits that offer consumers a healthy functional benefit. Beauty BOOST, powered by Acai, promotes healthy skin, hair, anti-aging, and cardiovascular health. Inner BOOST, powered by Noni, promotes detoxification and internal cleansing. Happy BOOST, powered by Goji, supports healthy moods and energy, and Youth BOOST, powered by Mangosteen, supports healthy aging and immune systems. These juices are wild harvested Superfruit juices that have the highest potency of active Superfruit ingredients, high levels of trace minerals, protein and vitamins. The BOOST Juice line is very high in antioxidants which help slow the aging process and they register very high on the ORAC* (oxygen radical absorption capacity) scale.

Current product lineup

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