Official Brand Overview

When your brain performs at its best, so do you. Applying sunscreen. Brushing your teeth. Conditioning your hair. These are everyday habits that help you protect and maintain your body. What are you doing for your brain? BrainGear is the brain performance formula developed by top neurologists that provides immediate focus, clarity and concentration while optimizing brain health and performance over time. An enhanced memory, mood stability, optimal cognitive function, improved coordination & more restful sleep are some of the benefits of a healthy brain. BrainGear contains an abundant 1,845 mg of 13 powerful brain-boosting ingredients in a combination that works to keep your brain healthy and working on all cylinders. BrainGear is not caffeine-centric. Its ingredients have been scientifically tested and doctor recommended for years. BrainGear’s liquid 4.5 oz. formula was developed for optimum absorption and maximum efficacy, and is backed by neurologists from top universities including Stanford, UT Austin and Boston University.

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