Bravo! Breakfast Blenders Milk and Fruit

by Bravo Food International Corp

Official Brand Overview

Bravo! Breakfast BlendersTM is a unique and nutritional meal replacement. It was created for the busy, multi-tasking, on the run world so many of us live in, providing all the benefits of milk plus nutritional fortification. Bravo! Breakfast BlendersTM are 100% milk and a blend of breakfast fruits and flavors fortified with vitamins and minerals. They are 100% Lactose free, are low in sugar and have 50% more protein than other flavored milks. Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast BlendersTM are fortified with anti-oxidants naturally found in raspberries and chocolate, while Vanilla Peach Breakfast BlendersTM contain fiber found naturally in peaches, among the most fibrous of fruits. Double French Vanilla and Double Chocolate varieties are both rich in calcium.

Current product lineup

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