Official Brand Overview

CARELA Bitter Melon Beverages & Teas is a unique blend of potent Bitter Melon with delicious Green Tea for flavor. CARELA successfully completed a yearlong human clinical study on the effects of a single serving of CARELA 12-oz RTD on human blood glucose levels (results forthcoming in a top peer-reviewed journal). Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia) contains Polypeptide-P, also known as “Plant Insulin.” Bitter Melon is widely cultivated in Asia, India, East Africa and South America for cooking and as a natural remedy for diabetes. In fact, CARELA has co-sponsored several events with the American Diabetes Association, including STEP OUT:WALK TO STOP DIABETES, Feria De Salud (reaching the Latino community in NYC), and most recently, the American Diabetes Association EXPO in New York City. All CARELA products contain no artificial sweeteners, sugar, or GMO’s. 12-oz RTD bottles, shelf stable, 1 year expiration, 12x per case.

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