Cell-nique Super Green Drink

by Cell-Nique

Official Brand Overview

Cell-nique® The 1st Green-a-licious Organic Supergreen Drink Lets be totally honest, Do you normally eat or drink your 8-10 servings of Fruits and Vegetables that the USDA, American Cancer Society or your Mother recommends? Drinking Cell-nique each day leads to fulfilling 4 daily steps toward cellular fitness, cellular longevity and cellular radiance! 1) Cleanse your Cells of Toxins Waste, 2) Nourish your Cells with 31 Organic Whole Superfoods, 3) Alkalinize your body to strengthen your immune system and reduce cancer risk factors, 4) Live Consciously Each Day; Talk to your Cells; They Love You Unconditionally :) 31 Super Foods: 11 Supergreens, 5 Superfruits, 7 Superimmune Herbs, 3 Supervegetable Protein and 4 Superbrain Herbs, Sweeten with Agave with over 400% Vitamin C, 330% Vitamin E and ORAC Anti-oxidant value of 1400+ All flavors have same integrative physician-formulated certified organic alkaline-forming superfoods that detoxify and rejuvenate on a cellular level with high energy phyto-nutrients and cleansing anti-oxidants. But we try to make each flavor taste very different so that everyone can find their favorite flavor. Are you staying ahead of the pack EACH DAY, by keeping it REAL: Real Sustainable Energy from Organic Super Food nutrition, not stimulants like caffeine and sugar.

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