Official Brand Overview

Based in Seattle, Washington, Cha Dao hand brews and bottles all-natural, premium and award-winning Distinctively Fresh Teas™. Cha Dao teas are delicious, naturally refreshing, and healthier than soda. With Cha Dao Tea, you get up to six times more antioxidants than other bottled teas. Tea Industry experts have awarded two first-place awards to Cha Dao at The World Tea Expo’s Ice Tea Shake-off Competition held June 1, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cha Dao’s Herbal Chrysanthemum placed first in Best Ready-To-Drink Flavored Herbal Tea and Yin Yang took first in Best Ready-To-Drink Flavored Black Tea. In 2006, one month after Cha Dao sold its first bottle of tea, The World Tea Expo awarded Cha Dao with First Runner-up in the Best Sweetened Iced Tea category for its Jasmine Green Tea with Lemon. Unlike other bottled teas that are diluted from concentrate, Cha Dao teas are always fresh brewed. Each batch of tea is immediately bottled and continuously chilled for up to 90 days. Because of this unique process, Cha Dao is able to provide its customers with the freshest ready-to-drink tea available in the country. Cha Dao’s brewing process is also the reason that Cha Dao’s teas contain up to six times more antioxidants than other teas on the market, which can be brewed up to 18 months before they are consumed.

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