Cide Road Spritzel

by Cide Road LLC

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Official Brand Overview

CideRoad Organic Switchel is a super-refreshing beverage dating back to colonial times. We refer to it as America's Original Thirst Quencher. Switchel is a super-refreshing beverage that dates back to the very first days of our country. We refer to it as America’s Original Thirst Quencher. Some say it came from the Caribbean in the 1600’s, others say it kept our country’s Founding Fathers well hydrated while they crafted the Constitution in the unbearable heat of a Philadelphia summer. Whatever the story, it comes from the past, which means it was skipped by the age of artificiality and high fructose whatever. It’s a drink that makes a statement. A conversation starter all its own. A curiously unique libation that has its roots in the basics of nature. It’s core ingredients: water, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and ginger fit perfectly into current trends in the market and it taste great! Each ingredient has a benefit: ACV cures everything - just ask your grandmother! Maple syrup replenishes energy and is pack with antioxidants and ginger helps relieve muscle pain and nausea. SEE OUR NOTES PAGE FOR A LIST OF CURRENT CIDEROAD RETAILERS.

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