Official Brand Overview

Clearly Kombucha is a next-generation beverage that helps bring balance to your life and add spirit to your routine. It is great for socializing, celebrating, or just chilling out. It is authentically brewed from organic tea leaves and a live culture, which is then cold filtered for clarity. Filtration removes the dead yeast and prevents rogue flavors and aromas. It takes more time and energy, but we think you’re worth it. For us, brewing kombucha is equal parts art and science. Alchemy and biology. This refreshing kombucha is certified organic, gluten free, probiotic-rich, and contains nothing artificial. It is the future of beverages. At Clearly Kombucha, our mission is to make it tastier and easier for consumers to enter a healthier lifestyle. Our brewery is focused on authenticity, sustainability, and the passion of great kombucha.

Current product lineup