Coca-Cola Blak: Coca-Cola Blak

by Blox Distributing, LLC

This brand is no longer available

Product Type

Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


8 fl oz (237 ml) glass bottle

Nutritional Info

Serving size: 1 bottle;
Amount per serving: Calories: 45;
Total fat: 0g;
Sodium: 30mg;
Total carbs: 12g;
Sugars: 12g;
Protein: 0g


Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, natural flavors, coffee extract, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate (to protect taste), caffeine, aspartame, acesulfame potassium

Bevnet Rating
2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars

Review: Coca-Cola Blak

Posted: Mar 10, 2006 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Mar 09, 2006 at 3:19 PM)
Welcome to 1996, Coca-Cola. Maybe we're having a bad case of deja-vu, but this product is reminiscent of the coffee-cola fad that hit the industry ten years ago. If, back in 1996-97, you ever tried Pepsi Kona, Java Cola, or Cafe Cola this product will definitely have some nostalgia value -- and it will likely remind you why those products all failed in the end. If you are new to coffee-cola, you'll probably wonder why Coke decided to take diet cola -- which isn't exactly known for its smooth aftertaste -- and combine it with coffee extract. The taste of the product is enjoyably sweet and creamy, but the aftertaste is somewhat brutal, with bitter flavors of coffee and aspartame left behind. This being said, Coke Blak is a concoction that will likely appeal to consumers who chase their morning coffee with a mid-morning Diet Coke. Beyond that, it will probably be a curiosity or novelty buy. Judging by the glass packaging -- something that Coke generally reserves for "collectible" products -- we think that Coke knows this as well. There's also the issue of the branding, which we think will be confusing for people that aren't in the industry. The name "Blak" and its tagline ("carbonated fusion beverage") don't give the consumer any sense of what this is and the word "coffee" is hidden deep in the fine print of the ingredients label. On the positive, this product seems to have a much lower risk of cannibalization than prior cola-based extensions. This may generate some media buzz and help consumers find it, but we don't think that the flavor and brand are strong enough to generate lasting volume that will be material to Coke.