Official Brand Overview

FizzeBlitz seeks to serve the community with an all-natural refreshing beverage with a unique taste and great health value. We believe in a fresh, robust and flavorful drink. Our commitment to the world is to offer a SuperNatural beverage while giving back to the earth. 2% from our profits will be invested in Purple Planet Fruit Farms supporting Honey Bee Colonies, Organic Farming and Water Preservation. Fizzleblitz is an all-natural energizing Sparkling Fruit Juice Tea. The Yerba Mate Leaves Extract in combination with rooibos or hibiscus tea assures a unique and dense base which provides natural energy. Sweetened with cane sugar and balanced with lime juice Fizzleblitz is a perfect thirst quencher. With various flavor combinations Fizzleblitz offers Passion Fruit Yerba Mate, Raspberry Lime Rooibos and Blueberry Pomegranate Rooibos.

Current product lineup