Fresh Juice (by Ripe Craft Juice): Orange Juice

by Ripe Craft Juice

Product Type

High Pressure Processed (HPP), Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16 oz

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Review: Orange Juice

Posted: Oct 28, 2015 at 10:44 AM (Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 at 9:53 AM)
A good bottle of orange juice is something that, thanks to high pressure processing (HPP) and more and more stores offering house-made offerings, isn’t all that difficult to find. That being said, we were admittedly questioning why Ripe would add straight orange juice to its lineup. But as soon as we tasted this product, our opinion quickly changed as this is definitely one of the better tasting HPP orange juice options out there. Aside from the lack of pulp, this product has nailed it when it comes to fresh squeezed orange juice flavor. But this being an HPP product, it won’t go bad or lose its high quality flavor in a matter of days. On the outside, the 16 oz. bottle has no images, instead filling its front panel with a rather large amount of black text. The one obvious concern with this is that “Fresh Juice” appears to be a descriptor rather than a brand that can be developed. Furthermore, the check list of ingredients,which makes sense for some of their multi ingredient products, seems like a potential distraction for this particular flavor. Instead, we’d love to know what type of oranges and/or see the Ripe brand have a larger presence. Overall, its an extremely enjoyable bottle of orange juice that has exceptional flavor and only needs work in its presentation.