Fresh Victor

by Fresh Victor

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Official Brand Overview

Deliciously fresh blends for foolproof cocktails. Perfect Every Time. Years ago, on a warm and breezy summer night, we were out with our spouses in a Latin American restaurant drinking craft cocktails. As we sipped drinks made with freshly squeezed fruit and hints of exotic flavors, we talked about how we'd love to make cocktails like this at home without the hassle of buying and squeezing limes, trying to get the sweetness just right, and figuring out how to infuse them with flavors like ginger, hot pepper, and mint. In one of the brightly painted wall murals at the restaurant was a distinguished gentleman and his clever looking llama. Right then and there, the legend of Fresh Victor was born. Master of the orchard, your secret weapon at a party, Victor’s singular goal is to empower people to whip up good times with friends within a moment’s notice. Without compromising anything for amazing taste and quality, we set out to create deliciously fresh blends that easily mix with any spirit or sparkling water to make foolproof cocktails. Perfect every time!

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