by Ginjan Bros, LLC.

Official Brand Overview

Ginjan Bros develops, crafts, markets and sells a delicious and traditionally West African fresh Ginger juice! (100% Organic) Ginger juice = Ginjan Ginjan Bros, LLC is a Harlem, NY based beverage company that specializes in developing and bringing to market traditional African beverages. Ginjan Bros' first product to market is Ginjan, an organic ginger juice made with: fresh ginger, cold-pressed pineapples, fresh squeezed lemons, vanilla extract, anise extract, and cane sugar. All of our ingredients are certified organic, free of colorants and preservatives, non-gmo, and pressed cold. We use High Pressure Processing to extend shelf-life and maintain freshness. It can be had cold as is, or can be served steamed, as you would a latte, topped with a touch of cinnamon and/or nutmeg (it's out of this world good!). It's also a fantastic cocktail mixer.

Current product lineup