Good Vibes for You

by Good Vibes for You


Official Brand Overview

Good Vibes for You is 100% pure Australian still spring water sourced from certified organic springs in Kulnura, New South Wales. This water has been naturally filtered through Kulnura's famous sandstone and is bottled at the source. The state of the art bottling facility recycles all materials used in production and has reduced energy consumption by 50% using equipment driven by air. Both the spring and bottling facility are approved by Australian Certified Organic. We are dedicated to generating awareness and change on the planet. As we evolve in global markets, we are combining efforts with different organizations to offset our carbon footprint, protect natural habitats, and assist developing countries in supplying wells and clean water. We are actively pursuing the development of a biodegradable bottle and other sustainable technologies. A percentage of all sales go to organizations and charities who love the planet too!

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