H-O-T (Hang Over Tea)

by Bebidas Funcionales Brio


Official Brand Overview

H-O-T Hang Over Tea is a Functional Beverage that was developed with the specific goal of alleviating the negative effects of alcohol in the body, better known as “The Hangover”. The concept of H-O-T was created in order to provide the millions of people who enjoy the nightlife, a solution to that morning-after feeling everybody dreads. H-O-T is a truly enjoyable beverage that helps fortify and improve the liver function to metabolize the alcohol at a faster rate. H-O-T is formulated with 4 Herbal Extracts and 4 Amino Acids, and does not contain caffeine or sugar, (0 Calories). The combination of Herbal Extracts improves the digestive function, reducing the bloating and controlling the nausea. The Amino Acids aid the liver function and the alcohol is metabolized at a faster rate and finally eliminated through urine. H-O-T is manufactured in Mexico City by Bebidas Funcionales Brio, and it is packaged under strict manufacturing standards. All the raw materials needed for its production are imported from Europe, Asia, and USA. H-O-T is currently being sold throughout Mexico, Colombia and select cities in Texas (Houston, Austin and The Valley). It will soon be available throughout the US. H-O-T can be purchased online at: http://www.hot-global.com

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