Just Coco

by Industria Alimenticia do Vale Ltda.

Official Brand Overview

Sourced from a SINGLE COCONUT PLANTATION in Northeastern Brazil, JUST COCOTM coconut water is a 100%-pure product, with no additives or preservative, and contains natural Vitamin C. Our single sourcing provides for unique product consistency in taste when compared to most brands currently in the market. Our production facility is located within one of the largest coconut plantations of Brazil, which ensures JUST COCO ‘s consistency in taste and quality. It starts soon after the harvesting of the selected coconuts, which allows for the preservation of the water’s original features such as flavor and nutritional properties. The entire plantation consists of hybrid, "dwarf" coconut trees, a species unique to Brazil that delivers one of the world’s best levels of productivity. The quality of the water that irrigates the coconut field, the climate conditions and harvesting methods are factors that leads to the exceptional quality of JUST COCO, which is available in TETRA PAK packaging of 1 liter and 330 ml.

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