Limation: Lavender Limeade

by Crude Food

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Juice: Juice Drink, High Pressure Processed (HPP)


12 Oz PET

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Review: Lavender Limeade

Posted: Sep 15, 2015 at 7:22 PM (Last Updated: Oct 16, 2015 at 11:52 AM)
Limation’s Lavender variety is a blend of water, organic lime juice, organic sugar and lavender. Like the rest of the flavors, this variety has been high pressure processed rather than pasteurized, which is, at least at this point, a differentiator for the product. From a taste perspective, the base limeade flavor is quite enjoyable. It has a tart and tangy flavor with just the right amount of lime and sweetness. The addition of lavender, which is a very potent flavoring, was a bit of a wildcard, but it works. The company has used it extremely sparingly, which was undoubtedly a smart decision. As you drink the product, the lavender definitely starts to become a bit stronger on your tongue, but it doesn’t cross the line of being overpowering. However, we do feel as though this is the most adventurous -- and perhaps least compelling by that virtue -- flavor of the Limation line. In fact, if you looked at this product from far away or didn’t read the label, the purple color and the lavender image could most definitely be confused for a berry flavored offering (perhaps something the company should consider?). Otherwise, our thoughts on this package are the same as the others: it needs to better communicate its points of differentiation. Overall, we appreciate their effort to come up with something a bit more unique in terms of flavor, but we wonder if this is the right choice for an early-stage brand.