Main St. Café Protein Smoothie

by Gehl Foods, Inc.

This brand is no longer available

Official Brand Overview

Main St. Cafe began with the simple recognition that great tasting beverages, made right, can be surprisingly nutritious. All of our drinks start with simple ingredients that are naturally high in protein, like freshly made yogurt or real steamed milk. Our Protein Smoothies are made from real yogurt and real fruit puree, packed through a unique aseptic process that allows them to be distributed through non-refrigerated beverage channels. For distributors, this opens up an entirely new market which complements (instead of competing with) their existing beverage line-up. Main St. Cafe Protein Smoothies are an excellent on-the-go breakfast or snack item, with 10 grams of dairy protein and 30% of the recommneded daily value for calcium.