Metal Mulisha, Pom-Acai Berry XTREME energy (drink)

by Phoenix Distribution

Official Brand Overview

If you have ever wanted to be in, at the start of something big? Metal Mulisha's Xtreme energy drink is poised to take on the beverage industry with a product that is vastly different from the competition. Our new XTREME energy drink has been specially formulated to deliver the most balanced amount of energy to the consumer. Using the purest forms of flavoring Possible, The Pommegranite and Acai berry are both known as very high antioxidant fruits that give the "XTREME" it's light berry soda taste. XTREME does not have a bitter after taste like other drinks and While the Energy Burst is immediate, the Xtreme energy level lasts for hours on just one can. Our packaging of the product in the bold black and Grey can with our flying skull and the bright red name stands out among the other dull colored products on the market. This just reflects the lifestyle of our target market 21 to 40 year olds. This market is Active,Fun and Enjoys life on the Edge. As a cocktail over ice pour(one part XTREME first, then slowly pour our new Black Vodka on top, garnish with a maraschino cherry.) and you got a "Black Widow" our XTREME energy drink is available immediately and will be launched at our New Years Eve Party 2009, while this is our first product to hit the shelves, we won't stop there. regularly scheduled releases of new products will keep our consumers anticipating our next beverage, in this exciting industry of competetive beverages and marketing.

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