Midori Matcha

by Midori Matcha

Official Brand Overview

Premium organic Cold Brewed Matcha in Los Angeles Whether you’re an entrepreneur, student, or fitness enthusiast – our Cold Brewed Matcha Beverages are the perfect fuel for any active lifestyle and are the most convenient way to enjoy matcha’s powerful health benefits including steady energy, sharpened focus, enhanced mood, and increased metabolism. Both varieties come in sizable 16oz bottles, are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, under 20 calories, contain zero added sugar or artificial ingredients, and use only the highest quality matcha available (Ceremonial-Grade) delivered fresh from the mountains of Nishio, Japan. Rather than using heat pasteurization, which damages nutritional quality, our products are preserved using cold-pressure (High Pressure Processing). This ensures they’re as close to freshly made as possible by maintaining the tea’s natural flavor and nutrient-potency.

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