Official Brand Overview

The Official Facebook Page of Performance Caffeine® The Natural alternative to energy drinks has hit the market: Performance Caffeine® boasts a beverage technology poised to bring big name competitors under nutritional scrutiny. Performance Caffeine’s ‘clean' caffeine shot entails the essential caffeine molecule, concocted for natural absorption by the body. Whereas the leading competitors shot overdoses the body with 2000% the recommended daily amount of B6; the natural mixture of Performance Caffeine’s vitamins amounts to only 50% the daily recommended dosage so the liver, kidneys, and endocrine system are relieved of the health risk posed by artificially injected energy drinks only when biologically recommended dosages are followed and vitamin intake mirrors an organic rhythm. At the heart of Performance Caffeine’s success is their astute understanding of biological balance in a consumer's’ quest for optimal performance and simultaneous need for health. Informed by thousands of studies on caffeine, this product was created to target college students for mental capacity elevation and world class athletes for physical tenacity. Unbeknownst to athletes who drink taurine-ridden Energy drinks: it was recently found that taurine has an adverse affect on physical performance. Test marketed on a diverse market from record-breaking Ironman athletes to Ivy League students, Performance Caffeine® is the preferred, healthy alternative to artificial and concomitantly harmful energy drinks on the market.

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