POM Wonderful: Pomegranate Tangerine

by POM Wonderful

Product Type

Juice: Fruit Juice


450 ml (15.2 fl oz) glass

Nutritional Info

serving size 8 oz;
calories 150;
total fat 0g;
sat fat 0g;
cholest 0mg;
sodium 75mg;
total carb 37g;
fiber 0g;
sugars 31g;
protein 0g;
vitamin A 0%;
vitamin C 0%;
calcium 2%;
iron 4%


100% juice, pomegranate, orange, tangerine juices from concentrate and natural flavors

Bevnet Rating
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

Review: Pomegranate Tangerine

Posted: Sep 25, 2003 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Oct 01, 2003 at 6:37 PM)
POM Wonderful Tangerine use a nice mixture of citrus juices to create a product that has a taste that is slightly lighter on pomegranate flavor. This is probably a good choice for drinkers that are new to the flavor of pomegranate. The resulting taste is sweet, bitter, and fruity with a tart pomegranate finish. Overall, we like this product -- good taste, good packaging. The only potential dowside is that it needs to be in a refrigerated cooler, which may make getting it to retail difficult.