Official Brand Overview

POM stands for pomegranate. Wonderful stands for wonderful. Welcome to the world of POM Wonderful. A place where you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about POM Wonderful pomegranates and juices. Wonderful isn't just an adjective-it's also a variety of fresh pomegranate that is available from October through December! We grow and squeeze these sweet pomegranates to produce POM Wonderful pomegranate juice - the world's first-ever refrigerated pomegranate juice. Delicious and refreshing, POM Wonderful pomegranate juice is available in five all-natural flavors and can be enjoyed every day of the year. Check the store locator for a retailer near you! Dubbed the antioxidant superpower - pomegranates remind us that not all miracle workers are people. Our five fabulous flavors include; 100% Pomegranate, POM Blueberry, POM Cherry, POM Mango and POM Tangerine. You can also go to to find out about our POM Tea flavors; Pomegranate Tea, Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea, Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea, Pomegranate Blackberry Tea and our new light flavors; Light Wildberry White Tea, Light Orange Blossom Red Tea and Light Hibiscus Green tea, all with only 35 calories.

Current product lineup