Red Ace Organics: Beets & Greens

by Red Ace LLC

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Functional: Other Shots


2 oz GLASS

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Review: Beets & Greens

Posted: Mar 02, 2016 at 4:28 PM (Last Updated: Mar 10, 2016 at 11:22 AM)
For this variety, Red Ace took its beet-based shot and enhanced it with spinach and kale. The product is definitely very heavy on the beet flavor, but you can also taste the sweetness of apple juice and citrus flavor of lemon in the first sip. From there, the spinach and kale intensify the product’s flavor and give it a slightly grassy note. That being said, this probably isn’t the best flavor for first time consumers of Red Ace. Otherwise, it seems like something that’s definitely a marketable concept and an enhancement over its standard value proposition. Still, if there were some ginger flavor to this one, we’d probably like it a whole lot more. From a functional perspective, this product isn’t your typical shot that’s loaded with caffeine. Instead, you have to be somewhat knowledgeable about -- or actually seeking out -- the benefits of beets (heart health, antioxidants, and detox among others). Most consumers know that beets are healthy, but we think it will take some convincing to get the masses to try it in a 2 oz. supplement form. While clean looking packaging and approachable branding certainly help, we wonder if somehow getting it closer to the cold-pressed category wouldn’t help it further. In addition, there’s a technical issue with the label printing: it’s too blurry to read it all (including the ingredients list). Overall, we like the concept and the flavor of the liquid and, with the right positioning, we think there’s something with unique potential.