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After years of drinking frothy, chalky, artificial, (and potentially toxic) protein shakes, our founder started thinking, "what if there was a protein drink that actually tasted good?" Just good wouldn't be enough -- it had to taste great -- with smooth consistency, high functionality, and of course, all-natural ingredients. The task was daunting, but he couldn't stomach the thought of even one more protein shake. Throwing down his protein shaker bottle, our Founder vowed to give everyone a better choice. It was clear what he had to do: create the first all-natural protein water. He quickly realized that not only would this replace protein shakes, but provide the perfect alternative to the over-sugared, so-called functional drinks currently on the market. Spartos Protein Waters balance top-quality protein, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants for true function. Spartos is the culmination of years of research and testing. Protein is a macronutrient, which means it's something your body needs in order to survive. No longer is protein just for athletes and bodybuilders, Spartos is for everyone. Drink it all day to increase for hydration, recovery, strength, balance, cleansing, and refreshment. No hype. What's next is here -- protein water has arrived.

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