Starkey Spring Water

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Official Brand Overview

When you take a sip of Starkey Spring Water, you’re enjoying water that has been protected for more than 11,000 years. After falling as rain or snow, the water slowly made its way into the Earth through the Imnaha Basalt — a volcanic formation more than two miles down, gently working its way into the rock around it. Over thousands of years, heat and pressure forced it back up?through?cracks and fissures in the basalt. Untouched by surface contamination, Starkey Spring Water gushes forth from a natural geothermal spring in the Idaho mountains. Lightly mineralized and deliciously refreshing, Starkey quenches and rehydrates with a gently alkaline pH of 9.2. It’s vibrant and clear and renews and recharges. The Starkey Springs are deep, but they have an even deeper history. First discovered by Native Americans in the 1800s, settlers traveled on horseback from neighboring counties or by railcar from hundreds of miles away to get a taste of its mineral-rich, healing waters. The springs bear the name of Dr. Richard S. Starkey, M.D., who set about turning it into a “true health and pleasure resort” in the early 1900s. It had been under private ownership until 2013 when Starkey Spring Water Company emerged, bringing the goodness of this natural water to you.

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