by Agro Innova

Official Brand Overview

Suavva® ( is a new, all-natural, energy-enhancing, cacao-pulp smoothie. Packed with key vitamins and certified antioxidant activity, Suavva Cacao Smoothies are deliciously made with the juice from the cacao pulp—not bean—offering unbeatable mood-boosting nutrition from essential nutrients such as theobromine and magnesium. Its premium, rich taste of blended cacao and pure fruit juices, naturally-sweetened with low glycemic agave nectar, make Suavva Cacao Smoothies a delightfully delicious treat. “Cacao will be the premier superfruit for healthy, on-the-go juice lovers. Suavva contains the fruity essence of nutrient-rich juice made from cacao pulp,” says Joseph Montgomery, CEO of Agro Innova, makers of Suavva Cacao Smoothies. Sustainably-sourced in Ecuador, the cacao found in each Suavva smoothie is non-GMO, gluten-free, and minimally-processed to let one enjoy and benefit from its nutritious goodness. Suavva’s unique, patent-pending process of separating cacao pulp from bitter cacao seeds allows the brand to be the first to bring sweet and juicy cacao smoothies to the United States. You are cordially invited to enjoy the experience and the energizing happiness of Suavva Cacao Smoothies.

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