Sweet Leaf Tea

by Sweet Leaf Tea


Official Brand Overview

The idea for Sweet Leaf Tea was conceived on a road trip through Alabama and Mississippi, where Clayton Christopher was inspired by the quality and abundance of home-made sweet tea being served in local restaurants. Yet for all the delicious iced tea being brewed at home and in restaurants there was no bottled tea on the market that tasted like real iced tea, like the kind that Grandma used to make. So after tasting teas from all over the world and brewing countless batches from old Southern recipes in Clayton's kitchen, Sweet Leaf Tea Company was born. Made from all-natural ingredients, including purified water, pure cane sugar and high-quality organic tea leaves, Sweet Leaf Tea is made and brewed based on Clayton's grandmother's recipe and technique. Sweet Leaf Tea, which is available in 10 classic iced-tea flavors and one lemonade flavor, is available nationwide.

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