Swirl to Go

by Swirl Brands


Official Brand Overview

SWIRL TO GO is the latest brainchild of SWIRL BRands, frozen juice beverages. SWIRL TO GO is single prepackatged pouche of the same fantastic tasting SWIRL 100% frozen juice avaible in Strawberry Kiwi and Orange Mango and soon in SWIRLITE with less calories/sugars. SWIRL TO GO is recyclable, packaged in asceptic coonditions, has no preservatives and can be stored at room temperature, chilled, frozen and refrozen with no adversity to the great taste and nutritional value. Enriched with vitamin A, C and D, SWIRL TO GO is a great fund raiser, great for athletic events as there is no machine needed, or any other type of sales project focus. SWIRL is the taste that puts a SMILE on your face!

Current product lineup

This brand has no products