BevNET Live Winter 2015

Dec 7 - 8, 2015
Santa Monica, CA
This is a past event. Replay all presentations and view upcoming events.

What is the BevNET Live Expo?

Exhibiting at BevNET provides visibility, accessibility, and a physical platform from which to showcase your offerings.

Exhibitors are typically companies (see below) which provide products and/or services to beverage companies.

Key Facts:

  • 2 hours during the afternoon of the first day (Dec. 7th)
  • 30-40 total exhibitors
  • 500+ attendees (BevNET Live ticket holders)
  • No competing event agenda
  • Exhibits range in size from 10x10 to smaller table-top displays.
  • Table provided, though not required
  • Free-standing signage is permitted

Interested in exhibiting at a 2016 event? Space is limited. Contact John McKenna (617-231-8825) or as soon as possible to learn more about this unique opportunity. 

BevNET Live 2015 Exhibitors