Xtazy Energy Uses Guerilla Tactics to Reach Diverse Markets

NEW YORK – Xtazy Energy is using aggressive marketing tactics to promote its youth-oriented energy drinks.

Company trucks have been rolling Friday and Saturday nights to New York area nightspots since the product line’s release in July 2005.

The company reports distributing up to one thousand cans of the powerful energy drink per night, providing a taste of the line’s Orange, Lime and Cranberry Blast flavors to thousands of New Yorkers. Sampling is also underway for the line’s newest variety, sugar-free Passion Fruit-Pineapple.

Xtazy Energy drink has also raised awareness by sponsoring community events, including an annual reggae last summer in New York, Spanish music festival in New Jersey and a motorcycle rally in Long Island. Free samples of the Xtazy product line were distributed at both events.

In December 2005 Xtazy Energy hosted a party with P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment, label of Notorious B.I.G., B5, Young City, Mase, Ness and other top recording artists. Artists from the label performed live at an Xtazy-sponsored party at hot New York nightclub “Select.”

Media coverage
Xtazy has been featured throughout the media, including radio stations 105.9 FM (Latino Mix) and 87.7 FM (Radio Vsyo). Daily newspaper AM New York has featured both advertising and editorial coverage of Xtazy.

The Xtazy brand has also starred in a video for recording artist Shaggy. The Jamaican-born rapper drinks from a can of Xtazy while singing his single “Broadway.”

A “Let’s Get Rolling” billboard on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway targeted one of the city’s busiest roadways, reaching an estimated 7 million viewers per month.

More than $250,000 was spent on promotion from July to December 2005, and Xtazy Energy’s promotion budget will double in 2006.

On tap for 2006
Scheduled promotions for 2006 include:

. 300 ad panels located at train station entrances.

. 150 king-size bus posters in all five boroughs.

. Promotion partnership with KTU 103.5 FM, the tri-state area’s best-known dance station, including 30-second announcements (up to five Party Gras drive-time promotions daily), rolling box-office events, “on the street” announcements, and sponsorship of KTU-hosted events at top New York clubs, including the Copacabana.

. Promotion partnership with Radio La Kalle 105.9 FM, the tri-state area’s best-known reggaeton and Spanish music station, including morning commercial shout-outs, promotional announcements, live on-air spots and club promotions.

For more information on Xtazy Energy Drink, contact Xtazy Beverage Ltd., at (866) 521-8080, e-mail sales@xtazyenergy.com, or visit www.xtazyenergy.com.