Purchase Offers Encourage Go Fast Sports & Beverage Co. to Seek Growth Partner


@@img1DENVER, CO (June 29, 2007) – After receiving several unsolicited offers to purchase the company, Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company announced today that they are exploring strategic alternatives to further enhance and grow the Go Fast Brand. While the company is not at liberty to disclose the names of those entities that have submitted offers, they have confirmed that they include one of the company’s largest distributors and a leading group out of South Africa.

“It’s flattering to receive offers for the company”, said Troy Widgery, Founder of Go Fast. “It serves as validation for the global reach, power, and huge potential of the Go Fast™ Brand, and demonstrates that our grassroots and guerilla marketing efforts are being recognized by the industry worldwide. We are on the cusp of the tipping point, and the Go Fast™ Brand and our Go Fast Energy Drink are poised for massive growth. The company has essentially been self funded since inception and has achieved some phenomenal successes to date; however, we feel it is important to explore all approaches and alternatives so we can determine the best path and ensure the continued growth and expansion of the company, the Go Fast™ Brand and the lifestyle it represents,” Widgery continued.

Originally founded in 1996 as an action sports apparel brand, Go Fast launched the first Go Fast Energy Drink in October 2001, and has since grown to 27 beverage SKUs, including co-branded packaging with Orange County Choppers and Realtree Hardwoods camouflage, distribution and/or approval in 18 countries, trademark protection around the world, and an expansive worldwide, cult-like following online at GoFastSports.com.

Go Fast has received tremendous international media attention in the last few months, and domestically alone, has appeared on multiple episodes of Stunt Junkies, two episodes of American Chopper, a Warren Miller film, the Today show, the Jay Leno Show, the front pages of Yahoo and MySpace, and more. The company’s momentum and potential have made it necessary to analyze various strategic alternatives. These alternatives include, but are not limited to, raising growth capital through the sale of securities; a recapitalization; and the combination, sale or merger of the company with another entity. First and foremost in any potential transaction, Go Fast will seek out a partner that embraces the brand and embodies the Go Fast lifestyle, to help the company reach the next stage in its corporate and brand evolution.

“Go Fast is the most unique Lifestyle Brand on the market today. From world records including being the first energy drink in outer space, to our iconic Jet Pack, to our cutting-edge stunts like the Go Fast Human Slingshot, we’re always striving to one up ourselves. The Go Fast™ Brand and the lifestyle it represents resonate with a broad consumer demographic; from athletes to Wall Street traders, and late night revelers to minivan driving soccer moms. Anyone and everyone with a fast-paced lifestyle can relate to the Go Fast Brand and what it stands for,” explained Widgery.

About Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company is the premier authentic energy drink brand whose foundation in performance, taste and quality ingredients has transcended the core extreme-sports enthusiast market. Go Fast is more than just an energy drink company, it is a “Lifestyle Brand” – motivating and encouraging consumers and defining a way of life. Presently, the company’s two primary product lines are its award-winning Go Fast Energy Drinks and its edgy Go Fast Sports Apparel line. Go Fast Energy Drink has won numerous awards including the 2006 Gold Medal Taste Award from the American Academy of Taste and the 2005 IMDA Award for Excellence for its REALTREE co-branded can. The company has also been listed in the Beverage Industry Top 100 in 2005 and 2006. For more information, please call 800.895.7290 or email Dist@GoFastSports.com.