RC COLA Asheville Joins Potencia Revolution!

MOORESVILLE, North Carolina (February 18, 2008) – DLR Associates Inc, Potencia USA LLC and its Potencia Energy Drink Brand are very excited to add another North Carolina Distributor adding tenured RC Cola of Asheville .For over 75 years RC has been delivering the finest beverages up and down the mountainous area in western NC. “It’s great to add RC and the 15 counties they service with their 3 distribution warehouses which help fill in the western part of the state” Says Potencia CEO Daisy Ramirez. “As the demographics are changing in our territory we need to look around and change with it or we will lose valuable market share” Says Harris Krouse, RC General Manager. “We will make room by re-organizing our product portfolio  to make room for POTENCIA. Although it’s primarily marketed to Hispanics I think it’s better than most products out there”! Adds Harris Krouse.

POTENCIA Energy Drink is the creation of CEO Daisy Ramirez who herself was born in Honduras. Wanting to develop a product truly with Latino’s in mind using authentic flavors and fruits known well by the culture. Mission accomplished!

A new Latin Tamarind energy drink. POTENCIA is made with real fruit pulp concentrate that is imported from Mexico and Central America but recognized by Latinos from all corners of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

For more information info@potenciaenergydrink.com