T42® now available in Carrefour Hypermarkets in Italy


Palm Beach Gardens FL May 11, 2008 . Teacrest Corporation is pleased to announce that starting this week, several of its highly acclaimed all natural line of T42 teas will be sold in over 40 Carrefour Hypermarkets in Italy. Groupe Carrefour is the 2d largest supermarket chain in the world and the largest in Europe.

Natex International Trade, SpA, based just outside Milan, Italy, is one of the largest specialty food and beverage distributors in Europe and will be responsible for sales and delivery of T42 throughout Italy. A total of six of Teacrest’s most popular selling teas in the USA will be available to retailers in Italy including four traditional teas, English Breakfast Tea, Iced Tea w/ Lemon, Green Tea – Honey & Lemon and White Tea – Blueberry and two caffeine-free, hibiscus herbal teas Mango andstyle=””> Raspberry.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Teacrest and T42″, said Maurice Hakim, President of Teacrest. “Carrefour was aware of the competing brands when it made its decision to go with T42 as its first “premium niche” ready-to-drink tea. We expect their customers to respond very favorably to our teas.” He added that “Both Natex and Carrefour have given us significant marketing support to help launch the brand and create T42 brand awareness. I believe there is a lot of prestige that comes with being in Carrefour stores and that can only enhance our efforts to expand in Europe.”

The diversified T42 line consists of the most popular traditional black, green and white teas as well as caffeine-free hibiscus herbal teas. All have been highly rated by the media including bevnet.com and Real Simple Magazine which conducted a contest of all the RTD teas sold in the USA and rated T42 English Breakfast Tea the best black tea in a bottle.

Teacrest’s teas do not contain any “nutraceuticals” or little known herbs or flavors. “As far as any of our beverages are concerned, we do not make any unsupportable health claims.” Mr. Hakim added, “Our philosophy has always been that any Teacrest brew should be a refreshing beverage on the market and one where the taste of tea is primary and not overwhelmed by secondary flavors. To that end, T42 teas are quite unlike any of the “premium niche” RTD teas that are currently populating the retail shelves.”

T42 currently retails in supermarkets, gourmet markets and natural food stores in the eastern part of the

US and in Canada.